Property Auctions Sussex

Located in the south-east of England, Sussex is known for its English Channel seaside resorts and its peaceful lifestyle. As a whole, Sussex is home to 1.6 million residents across its 1,460.78 square miles that includes one of the most famous seaside landmarks in the country – Brighton Pier.


With a direct train line from Brighton to London St Pancras, residents can reach the capital in less than 90 minutes, making Sussex a viable option for professionals looking for a tranquil retreat. With many emblems stemming from the Romans, Saxons and Normans, house auctions in east Sussex see lots of activity from prospective buyers.

Average House Price in Sussex

An average figure for the price of a house in Sussex ranges between £340,000 and £360,000, depending on whether your search takes you to either the east or west side of the rural county. Prices have seen a steady increase in recent years, showcasing a healthy market. This means that prospective buyers could expect to make a decent return on their investment.


Compared to the price of the average London home, buyers can expect to save roughly £200,000 which, when you consider the excellent transportation links that the county enjoys with the capital, makes for good value. Add in the fact that residents also benefit from some of the finest beaches in the United Kingdom, and you will begin to see why LetsBid’s Sussex property auctions can yield fantastic value for money.

Top Sussex Attractions

The number one attraction in Sussex is undoubtedly the world famous Brighton Pier, which sees around 4.5 million tourists every year, making it the most-visited landmark outside of London. Away from the famous pier, however, Sussex is awash with history stemming from Roman, Saxon and Norman times.


The Battle of Hastings is arguably the most prominent historical event to take place in the county. In 1066, the Norman-French army led by William the Conqueror battled King Harold Godwinson’s Anglo-Saxon soldiers. The battle resulted in a decisive Norman victory and the crowning of the first Norman king of England on Christmas Day 1066. Today, visitors can visit the fields where the battle played out all those years ago.

Demand for Sussex Property

As the local housing market has enjoyed a steady rise over the last few years, this is a sign that demand for property in the Sussex area is high. Towns such as Hartfield and Mayfield are the most desirable locations to live, which of course means that the average price for a property (£873,000 and £667,000) comes in higher than the county’s overall average.


With attractive landmarks and excellent links to the nation’s capital, Sussex house auctions are one of LetsBid's most popular features. Even in the most in-demand and exclusive towns in Sussex, prospective buyers can still make huge potential savings when buying through LetsBid and our network of vetted estate agents.

What Happens When You Agree on a Price?

When you make an offer on a property, it can often be weeks or even months before you can agree on a price, cut through the red tape, make all of the arrangement and get round to signing the relevant paperwork before even coming close to being handed the keys. With LetsBid, all of the hassle is taken care of in our registration process, meaning that all that you have to do is make an offer on a property.


As soon as a price is agreed, the listing is taken down for 28 days while the buyer raises the funds to complete the purchase. As simple as that, the keys to the property are yours.