Property Auctions Hertfordshire

Just north of London is the highly sought-after county of Hertfordshire that, for property buyers, presents a world of opportunity. House auctions in Hertfordshire can offer both interesting projects that can yield a good profit, or a home to call your own.


With villages aplenty in this tranquil part of the world, there are many reasons why you would be lucky to call Hertfordshire home. Villages such as Colney Heath, Braughing and Kings Langley are just some of the rural hotspots awash with incredible natural scenery.

Average House Price in Hertfordshire

The average house price in Hertfordshire stands at just over £500,000, increasing depending on the particular part of the region. Some may look at the price and feel as though owning a property in such a desirable location is out of their reach, but with LetsBid, our online Hertfordshire property auctions mean that prospective buyers can potentially snap up a house for a fraction of the price.


Whether you are looking for a project that you can renovate and sell on or somewhere to call your own, LetsBid changes the way in which the property market operates. Simply find a property that matches what you are looking for and place a bid before time runs out.

Top Hertfordshire Attractions

As Hertfordshire is one of the United Kingdom’s most beautiful regions, there is, of course, a plethora of local attractions offering culture, history and entertainment right on your doorstep. Fans of the Harry Potter franchise can enter J.K. Rowling’s magical world of witchcraft and wizardry, while Knebworth House has played host to the likes of Charles Dickens, Winston Churchill and Oasis in its 500-plus-year history.


Those who prefer to reacquaint themselves with nature can do just that by taking a stroll through any of the region’s many parks. College Lake Nature Reserve, Paradise Wildlife Park and Heartwood Forest are just some of the fine examples just waiting to be explored.

Demand for Hertfordshire Property

Demand has always been high in Hertfordshire as homeowners look to take up residence in the county that has something to offer anyone and everyone. By taking part in a Hertfordshire house auction through LetsBid, you can get ahead of the game and easily place a bid on in-demand property without having to leave the comfort of your seat.


With a network of vetted professional estate agents, what you see is truly what you get. Once you have completed the registration process, you are free to bid on whatever property you like. By taking away the hassle that can be associated with the buying process, you are free to focus on your plans for the property.

What Happens When You Agree on a Price?

As soon as the buyer and estate agent have reached an agreement, the property is then taken off the market for 28 days, allowing time for the buying party to make the relevant arrangements necessary to complete the transaction. After this, the property either returns to the market or the keys are exchanged.


As our registration process takes away a lot of the paperwork that would normally have to be filled out prior to completing the purchase, buyers and estate agents alike benefit from a quick and seamless process that suits all parties.


With so much to offer and LetsBid making it easier than ever before to buy through property auctions in Hertfordshire, the home of your dreams could be just one click of a button away.