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Lewisham is a cosmopolitan area in south-east London. It is the 13th largest borough in London, and stretches from the Thames down to Beckenham Place Park in the south, and across from Forest Hill in the west to Grove Park Cemetery in the east.

Lewisham is the greenest part of the London, occupied by energetic, creative and diverse communities.

The fine early Victorian houses reminds of a once well-heeled retreat from central London.

While, the modern apartments, period houses and the development taking place make this an exciting area to buy or rent houses in the Lewisham area.

Average House Price in Lewisham

Average house price in Lewisham today is £741,662. The property price ranged from £225,000 - £1,250,000.

In 2018 most property sales in Lewisham involved flats which sold for an average of £364,452. Terraced properties sold for an average price of £625,446, while semi-detached properties fetched £888,685.

During the year 2018, sold prices in Lewisham were 4% up on the previous year and 16% up on 2016 when the average house price was £414,499.

Top Lewisham Attractions

Lewisham has some attractive residential neighbourhoods and hold one of the highest number of parks and green spaces in London.

The borough offers great shops as well as huge fresh produce market located along the high street.

Lewisham is home to a new, ancient stone circle with 400 million years old 12 granite boulders from Mount Struie, near Scotsburn. The Horniman Museum in Lewisham has something for everyone. Set in attractive gardens, the museum is a great alternative to the Natural History Museum if you want to avoid the rush of tourists.

The Stone House in Deptford built between 1771 and 1773 by George Gibson the younger invokes a rustic appearance when you see this building made of Kentish Ragstone dating from the Cretaceous period.

Due to Lewisham's wide range of diversity it has some great food stores in Lewisham high street selling Asian and African foods, plus there's a great fresh fruit and veg market which also offers fresh fish.

Lewisham is a place that is changing rapidly. There are exciting developments happening in the town centres and local neighbourhoods, bringing new housing, schools and leisure facilities to the area.

Lewisham has excellent transport links. London Overground now connects more of Lewisham with central London and the tube network. It’s also easy to reach Canary Wharf, the City, London City Airport and the new international rail terminal at Stratford.

Demand for Lewisham Property

There is high demand from people looking to rent houses in Lewisham. While, a significant amount of buyers and sellers in Lewisham are holding off on making decisions before firm agreements have been made.

The property agents expect to see transactions increase unless the Brexit deal is particularly bad. Both sale and purchase decisions for customers depends on economic and political stability of the central London market.

Ongoing trade negotiations may depress domestic demand and lead to the pound falling further, presenting a buying opportunity for foreign purchasers and therefore encouraging much-needed foreign direct investment into the UK.

What Happens When You Agree on a Price?

As soon as the buyer and estate agent reaches an agreement for a Lewisham Property, it will be taken off the market for 28 days.

This time period gives enough time for the property buyer to make the relevant arrangements necessary to complete the transaction. After this, the property either returns to the market or the keys are exchanged.

At Lets Bid Property, our registration process takes away a lot of the paperwork that would normally have to be filled out prior to completing the purchase. Buyers and estate agents alike benefit from our quick and seamless process that suits all parties.

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