Property Auctions London

The capital of the UK, London truly is a city like no other. Its bustling streets combine modern architecture with outstanding examples of history and heritage, creating a unique culture which only adds to the overall atmosphere of the city.


For property buyers and investors alike, London has always been a popular choice. With the demand for property in the capital seeing no signs of slowing down and the availability of housing on the market following suit, it’s no real surprise that property auctions in London remain so popular.


The entire city is filled to the brim with interesting architectural delights and property quirks, making it the ideal location for the buyer who isn’t afraid to show their personality. From the vibrancy of central London to the more laid-back nature of the suburbs, the capital’s diversity is clear to see.

Average House Price in London

The average house price in London varies vastly depending on the particular part of the capital and the type of property. For instance, although the average price in central London is a staggering £1,665,000, in other parts of the capital like East London, the average price is a much lower figure at £460,000.


That being said, London house prices are steadily increasing over time. The current average house price across the entirety of the capital is £620,000 – an increase of 14% from the 2015 average.


Of course, the savvy buyer is one who looks around in order to discover the best value property for the price they are willing to pay. Whether you are searching for your forever home or just looking for a project to renovate, rent out or sell on in the future, there’s no reason to discount the capital.


Online house auctions in London make the process simple and easy to navigate – when you use LetsBid, all you have to do is find your dream property and place a bid before time runs out.

Top London Attractions

It’s no secret that the capital is full of exciting places to see and things to do. If you make London your home, you will be welcomed with a wealth of outstanding attractions, amenities and tourist hotspots right on your doorstep.


There is certainly no shortage of top-quality attractions in the city, many of which continue to draw in the crowds every day. Take a walk along the banks of the River Thames or brave the trip up the Shard for an awe-inspiring birds-eye view of this beautiful city. Alternatively, you could spend a day following in the footsteps of countless tourists with a visit to some of the capital’s best-loved attractions like the Tower of London, the London Eye, Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey and St Paul’s Cathedral.


In such a vibrant city, there really is something for everyone, so don’t forget to make the most of what your new neighbourhood has to offer!

Demand for London Property

Demand for property in the UK’s capital city has certainly never been low. Buyers are constantly looking to snap up their very own slice of the city, with consistently high demand driving prices ever higher.


When you participate in London property auctions with LetsBid, you will be staying ahead of the game and guaranteeing yourself the best possible chance of obtaining the perfect property for you.

What Happens When You Agree on a Price?

Once the seller and buyer have reached an agreement, the property will then be taken off the market for a 28-day period. This enables the buyer to make the payment necessary to complete the transaction and become the new owner of the property, or alternatively, the property will return to the market at the end of this timeframe.


Our registration process is simple yet comprehensive, negating the need for much of the paperwork which is required for traditional property purchases. This means that both parties will benefit from a fast, effective process that takes the hassle out of the property market.


With LetsBid, buying through house auctions in London has never been easier. Who knows – your dream home could be just around the corner!