Property Auctions Tower Hamlets

One of the most culturally vibrant and diverse areas in the UK, the borough of Tower Hamlets is densely populated with over 308,000  people living within eight square miles at the heart of London's East End.

Being an inner city borough located just north of the river Thames, Tower Hamlets include the iconic areas of Brick Lane, Canary Wharf, Spitalfields and West India Docks. The borough has a very young population aged between 20 and 34.

Tower Hamlets is also home to London's financial centre and a melting pot of cultures. It is also one of the most diverse boroughs in the capital and best place for families to live.

Average House Price in Tower Hamlets

Property prices in Tower Hamlets is much lower than the London average but it's still pricey. The average price for property in Tower Hamlets in January 2019 stood at £562,934. This is a fall of 0.81% in the last three months (since October 2018) and fall of 2.44% since 12 months ago.

According to the current estimates, in terms of property types, flats in Tower Hamlets sold for an average of £560,919 and terraced houses for £785,729.  Most of the sales in Tower Hamlets over the past year were flats which on average sold for £536,687. Terraced properties had an average sold price of £864,910 and semi-detached properties averaged at £865,600.

The most expensive area within Tower Hamlets was Tower Bridge (£999,968) and the cheapest was Bromley by Bow (£359,565).

Properties for rent/sale in Tower Hamlets

If you would like to search for properties to rent/sale in Tower Hamlets you can use our free and easy to use search box, simply enter a postcode or type in an area. If you're still not sure of where to live in the UK or within London you can fill out our free contact form, so that our experts can do the searching for you.

Top Attractions in Tower Hamlets

The borough includes a number of London's famous attractions including the Tower of London, Tower Bridge, Columbia Road Flower Market and Billingsgate Fish Market. The attractions of Bangla Town bring in thousands of tourists every year. It is also home to some amazing buildings like those at Canary Wharf and the RIBA award winning Idea Store in Whitechapel.

Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park is partly situated in the borough, offering green space and modern leisure facilities to local residents.

Tower Hamlets has also won praise and recognition for its parks and open spaces, including the outstanding Mile End Park and Victoria Park.

Demand for Properties in Tower Hamlets

With plenty of modern housing developments springing up across the area, the borough is expected to see massive demand in both rental properties and house prices, so you better get in quick.

Bethnal Green is a very lovely place to live in the borough. It is surrounded by two large parks (Victoria Park and Weaver's Fields). With two main markets nearby (Brick Lane and Roman Road) as well as libraries, children's centres, shops, a huge variety of restaurants, cinemas and good schools, makes Bethnal Green one of the choicest location for families.

The districts of Wapping and Isle of Dogs are neighbouring areas along the River Thames and Canary Wharf, with UK's financial centre close to it and numerous new buildings and houses, markets, pubs, restaurants, shopping centres and shops, making the borough wealthy with facilities which is reflected on house prices. A number of very high value flats in the Wapping area attracts celebrities and public figures.

With so much happening in the area, placing a bid through any of our Tower Hamlets house auctions is a no-brainer. Whether the end goal is to find a suitable project or a family home, with Lets Bid, the process simply couldn’t be any easier.

What Happens When You Agree on a Price?

Once you agree on a price with an estate agent, the property is then taken off the market for a period of 28 days. This gives you four weeks’ time to make arrangements before completing the purchase. If everything goes well, it will culminate in the handing over of keys.