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Lets Bid has created a transparent and easy to use service that connects professional letting agents with prospective tenants. We offer a straightforward process allowing registered users to bid for rental listings which can be secured immediately upon paying a deposit.

Register as a user on Lets Bid and you can choose to be pre-referenced and credit checked instantly. This streamlines the whole lettings process, meaning that when you make bids for rental properties you will be shown as a verified bidder. Un-verified users can still place bids for listings as all our letting agents have the tools to organise references and checks once a bid has been accepted.

Unlike other bidding sites, our process of bidding on houses for rent is fully controlled by professional letting agents - ensuring your customer journey is handled and treated in the most professional manner possible. You get clear, accurate property brochures and images, clear time scales for listings and rentals, and all the required checks (such as gas and electric certificates) are available at the click of a button. You will also be able to view apartments and houses in advance to go through any questions you might have in person.

So, if you are looking for flats or houses to rent in your area and don’t want to waste any time, search local available property today and get a great deal with Lets Bid Property. Download our app to keep you notified of any new exciting rental opportunities that come up in your area.

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