Property Auctions Bexley

Bexley is one of the quietest and greenest boroughs located fourteen miles south-East from the centre of London.

Sharing border with Kent, Bexley is also one of the safest and cheapest boroughs in the whole of London.

This leafy south-eastern spot is a prime choice for families and retired couples looking for a quiet space to settle.

Average House Prices in Bexley

With the average property prices less than £350,000, Bexley is significantly cheaper than the London average, and second only to the much more deprived area of Barking and Dagenham.

Properties in the borough tend to be a mix of commuter-friendly apartments, large period houses and smaller semi-detached properties.

Some of the best areas in the borough to live include Sidcup, Crayford and Bexleyheath.

Top Attractions in Baxley

The main landmark in Bexley is the Anglican St. Mary's Church which gives its name to the London Borough of Bexley electoral ward containing the village. There are over 100 parks and open spaces in Bexley with the largest being Danson Park in Welling, where you’ll find 75 hectares of trees, sports facilities, cycle routes and even a lake. There is an appealing walking route along the River Thames.

Another major attraction is the Hall Place, which is a former stately home, beside the River Cray on the Bourne Road out of Bexley towards Crayford. It is distinctive in nature and structure as its two halves are built in highly contrasting architectural styles.

While, Red House is the only house commissioned, created and lived in by William Morris, founder of the Arts and Crafts movement, and is a building of extraordinary architectural and social significance.

Access to the hub of central London is relatively speedy, but Bexley embraces its country-city ambience, with plenty of community-minded residents, a low-key nightlife and highly-rated schools.

So what’s it really like to live in Bexley?

Demand for Bexley Properties

The London Borough of Bexley is the second fastest growing area and is in very high demand. Here, asking prices of £321,000 are almost half the London average.

This is with regards to both those looking to rent property and those looking to purchase. Property prices here are lower which is making them ideal for investment. And, rental costs are also lower than the average.

With the monthly rental fees for homes in the area being around 57% of the London average, you can understand why demand is so high. This is made all the more true when you consider how well the Borough is connected to the commuter routes for the city.

What happens after making an Offer?

Okay. So if you’ve made a purchase offer on a property in Bexley and negotiated the terms and the seller has accepted your offer. What happens next?

First, the home is withdrawn from the open real estate market for 28 days while financial arrangements are made prior to completion. After this, assuming everything goes according to plan, the keys will be handed over and you will be in possession of your brand new property.

Making the property buying process easier than ever before, LetsBid is the logical choice for those looking to buy and sell in Bexley.